south paws UNITE!

my fourth email of the morning came in with the subject line “happy left handers day! 8/13”


seriously, righty’s, you have no idea how great this feels to a lefty. you have 364 days of the year, let us enjoy this one :0)

why is left hander’s day so special to lefty’s? unless you are one, you probably don’t understand the awkwardnesses that encompass a lefty’s life. to have one day of the year when maybe the righty’s could see eye to eye with us, that’s somethin’ else.

example 1
with your left hand, pick up a mug, pen, pencil, or any other marketing device you would normally grab with your right hand… notice the words are upside down or not even visible?

example 2
entire family is right handed. left handed daughter wants to learn to bat, golf, swing a hockey stick, play any sport requiring equipment. enough said.

example 3
your mouse, your keyboard, opening doors, the set up of sinks, COFFEE MAKERS, TOOLS, can openers, scissors, note pads… the list goes on. if you’re a righty, think to yourself today before you use pretty much anything, how would a lefty do this. i guarantee your brain will start to hurt. maybe even smoke.

with that, reach out to your upside down, south pawed friends, and give them a left handed high five. because today is their day!



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